ConnectCore for i.MX6UL

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Digi's new ConnectCore for i.MX6UL module delivers a secure and extremely cost-effective embedded communication module platform in a low-profile form factor slightly bigger than a postage stamp. Its innovative and scalable DigiSMTplus surface mount form factor (28mmx28mm) supports virtually unlimited design integration and flexibility without the burden of manufacturing complexity.
ConnectCore for i.MX6UL
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  • Secure, connected, highly cost-effective system on module based on 528 MHz NXP i.MX6UL-2 Cortex-A7 with up to 2 GB NAND Flash, 1 GB DDR3
  • Unique ultra-low-power and wake-up state management
  • Easy-to-use, stamp-sized, flexible SMTplus form factor
  • Integrated dual 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Pre-certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 4.1 option
  • Dedicated on-module security + authentication controller
  • Secure turnkey embedded Linux device software platform
  • Off-the-shelf SBC and development board platform options

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