Lanner Electronics, Inc.

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A two-way quad-core Xeon rack-mount appliance for enterprise-grade network security and management applications


  • Quad-core processing delivers better performance on multiple applications at a substantially reduced power envelope
  • Intel Core microarchitecture supports better system utilization, boosts application responsiveness, and increases performance headroom for single and multi-threaded applications
  • Onboard Cavium Nitrox CN1010 VPN Accelerator increases total system throughput by processing high-level IPsec and IKE, IPv6, SSL, and wireless LAN security protocol macro commands to reduce host I/O traffic and dramatically offload the system processor
  • Up to 12 enterprise grade Intel Gigabit NICs
  • High network throughput scans more packets per second with fail-over bypass support
  • Intel Virtualization technology enables migration of more environments including 64-bit applications and operating systems to virtual environments
  • Expansion options ? Lanner offers an extensive line of PCI-X and PCI-E VPN and content inspection network accelerators

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