Impulse Accelerated Technologies

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A kit that helps designers quickly hardware-accelerate DSP algorithms and rapidly prototype on an FPGA within an ANSI C environment


  • Uses a VMETRO Virtex-5 FPGA PMC-FPGA05 and an Impulse C-to-VHDL compiler
  • New designers don't need to be VHDL-literate, and experienced designers can work faster
  • Optimizes code to help ?parallelize? DSP algorithms for FPGA use, resulting in up to 10x performance increase over pure CPU implementations
  • QDR and DDR memory on the VMETRO PMC module, plus the digital front panel I/O, which includes twin 14-bit ADCs (105 and 210 MSps), FPDP-II, 33 channel RS-485/422, and more
  • Optimized by C-callable interfaces to the PMC's hardware architecture
  • Includes a PMC mounted on a PCI-X carrier board

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