System Navigator for MIPS

First Silicon Solutions FS2

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Supports all the latest MIPS cores from the 4K and 4KE trace enhanced through the 5K, 20K, 24K, and 25K cores
System Navigator for MIPS


  • Designed to support the special features and integrated peripherals of the MIPS family of synthesizable cores
  • On-chip Instrumentation (OCI) extensions are provided in a ?Trace Capture Block? (4KE, M4K, and 24K)
  • Both on-chip and off-chip trace capabilities are integrated into the synthesizable IP model for the core
  • This allows FS2 to provide a powerful debug tool with advanced features at a competitive price
  • Ccontained in a compact chassis that connects to the target system using a standard 14-pin EJTAG debug connector or 38-pin Mictor connector
  • Two versions are available
  • Supports on-chip trace only requiring some resources in the SoC to capture and store the trace messages on-chip
  • OE (Original Edition), formerly known as ISA-MIPS, supports both on-chip and off-chip trace features
  • In off-chip trace capture mode, trace data is streamed off the SoC device and captured in the FS2 system analyzer probe hardware
  • Extensive debugger support including GDB/Insight Debugger on Windows and Linux
  • Integrated with the GNU-based MIPS SDE toolchain with GDB/Insight debugger running on Windows and Linux
  • Also integrated with Mentor Graphics codelab and XRAY debuggers and supported by the Viosoft embedded Linux Arriba debugger
  • Use System Navigator with best-in-class software tools for an intuitive, easy to use interface
  • The system runs on a PC with WindowsNT/2000/XP or RedHat Linux and requires a USB 2.0 or 10/100 Ethernet connection (optional)
  • For designs requiring both on-chip and off-chip trace capture, System Navigator OE is available with IEEE-1284 EPP/ECP or bidirectional parallel port connection

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