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WinSystems, Inc.

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The LBC-GX500 achieves significant advancement in the application of wired and wireless connectivity technology applied to single board computers
Embed Connectivity


  • Connectivity options include 802.11 wireless Ethernet, GSM/GPRS/CDMA cellular modem, ZigBee wireless RF module, 10/100 wired Ethernet, global-compliant dial-up (POTS) modem, six USB ports, and six COM channels
  • Provides an open and powerful industrial platform for management of geographically distributed machinery and sensors with a operational temperature of -40 ?C to +85 ?C
  • Full-featured SBC with a variety of on-board peripherals which eliminate the need for other I/O card
  • Features include 48 parallel digital I/O lines, CRT and digital flat panel video controller, keyboard controller, PS/2 mouse support, LPT port, and AC 97 audio plus an optional 12-bit A/D converter
  • Draws typically 1.6A at +5 V (?8 W) during normal operation and it does not require a fan
  • Software developer kits that provide the necessary hardware, software, and cables to help designers with their program development

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