Laird's Dual-Band Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Module

Laird Technologies

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Laird has released its new 50 Series Enterprise Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth© modules, the next-generation of its popular dual-band embedded wireless modules that provide product engineers with a pre-certified solution that is optimized to ensure reliable, robust, secure connectivity in difficult RF environments. The 50 Series family of modules is designed to thrive in challenging settings with obstacles such as dense wireless signal traffic and complex physical geography, including hospitals, industrial sites, public areas and more.
Laird\'s Dual-Band Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Module
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  • Building on the well-regarded 40 and 45 series from Laird, the new 50 Series modules feature dual-band Wi-Fi® with 2x2 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) capabilities, as well as both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart capabilities.
  • The dual antennas improve reliability and further ensure that wireless connectivity is maintained so critical data can be shared at all times.
  • The 50 Series modules boast comprehensive, best-in-industry software with even faster scanning and roaming capability than prior generation solutions.
  • The module to identify the best access point connection in a fraction of a second and transition quickly to maintain connectivity as the device moves throughout a facility.
  • Security and integration with Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems remain a hallmark of the software within the 50 Series as well.

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