XLR8: FPGA-based Development Board

Alorium Technology

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XLR8 is a drop-in replacement for an Arduino Uno. It is an Arduino-compatible board that uses a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) as the main processing chip. The FPGA hosts an ATmega328 instruction set compatible microcontroller and allows for implementation of custom logic to accelerate functionality that is slow or problematic for 8-bit microcontrollers. XLR8 significantly improves performance in the same physical footprint as standard Arduino Uno and is programmed with the Arduino IDE. XLR8 also provides a great platform for learning the basics of FPGA design.
XLR8: FPGA-based Development Board
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  • Faster Application Speeds
  • Higher Computational Performance
  • Customizable
  • FPGA Based
  • ATmega328 Compatible
  • Programmable with Arduino

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