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The Mitipy™ Industrial IoT microcontroller was created to simplify connecting devices and machines to the multitude of systems you find in the Industrial environment  EMAC Inc. has created an easy to use, cost effective industrial board that can be implemented anywhere from the factory floor to an offsite remote location that use battery power.  The Mitipy™ IoT board provides inputs for sensor integration, legacy serial communication, mesh networking, cell modem, and Bluetooth communication. The MitiPy™ runs MicroPython, offering the perfect blend of power and flexibility. The MitiPy is a perfect fit for OEMs manufacturers and machine builders looking to add Industrial IoT functionality to new and existing product lines.OEM & Qty pricing available on request
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  • STM32F407IGH6 ARM Cortex-M4 168 MHz
  • 192 KB of SRAM, Up to 1M of Flash
  • 16x GPIO (8x External & 8x High Drive), 4x Serial Ports, 2x USB, SDIO, A/D, SPI, I2C & CAN
  • 1x 100 BaseT Ethernet (Standard), POE (Optional)
  • Industrial Temperature of -40° - +85° C
  • Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, & Cell Modem w/GPS (Optional), Bluetooth Low Energy & Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • MicroPython

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