Multi-OS and AMP Development

Mentor Graphics Corporation

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• Configure and deploy multiple operating systems across homogeneous or heterogeneous processor cores
Multi-OS and AMP Development
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  • • Consolidation of the system – including discrete components
  • • Supports native, virtualized, and trusted configurations of multiple operating systems
  • • System level visualization of heterogeneous system behavior
  • • Common toolchain supports the entire solution enabling heterogeneous system development, debug, and analysis
  • Product Benefits:
  • • Enables consolidation - Leverage multiple operating systems within a multicore design while easily managing payloads across cores
  • • Manage compute performance and power consumption - Developers are given control over boot-up and which cores to shut down, helping to manage power consumption
  • • Locate and fix problems deep in the system - Powerful tools give developers visibility deep inside multiple cores and fix problems quickly on a single common timeline

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