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Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.

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The little SMT370-I offers a pair of 14-bit ADCs clocked at 105 MHz and a pair of 16-bit DACs clocked up to 400 MHz with interpolation


  • When integrated with its large Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA, the module can be combined with Sundance's extensive range of DSP, FPGA, storage, and radio modules to create full digital processing systems from COTS parts
  • With comprehensive support from 3L Diamond FPGA, can be easily integrated into complex arrays of modules, with all the otherwise tiresome configuration and communication functions handled behind the scenes using a simple but powerful GUI
  • Available now for a 10-off price of $6245, with OEM prices available on request
  • Sundance modules are supported by comprehensive firmware and software-development tools from leading suppliers, including TI, Xilinx, and MathWorks
  • The use of Diamond tools from http://www.3l.com will kick-start any development using its leading-edge Eclipse-based IDE

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