MIPS32R 1004KT

MIPS Technologies, Inc.

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Coherent processing system, purportedly the industry's first embedded multithreaded multiprocessor licensable IP core
MIPS32R 1004KT
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  • Provides performance efficiency and configurability in a multiprocessing system ? up to four single or multithreaded processors integrated with advanced system coherency
  • Optimizes CPU performance on a shared memory system, enabling multiple functions to be implemented in a single product running concurrently under symmetric multiprocessing-based operating systems
  • Multicore Coherence Manager serves as the foundation block for intelligent system coherency, with an I/O Coherence Unit that provides optional hardware coherence for I/O peripherals
  • Several vertical applications, including digital home entertainment, home networking, and office automation can benefit from coherent multiprocessing using multithreading

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