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Circuit design platform for anyone who wants to learn about FPGAs and digital circuit design
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  • Xilinx Spartan3-E FPGA, 100K, or 250K gate featuring 18-bit multipliers, 72 Kb of fast dual-port block RAM, and 500 MHz+ operation
  • USB 2 port for FPGA configuration and data transfers (software available as a free download)
  • XCF02 platform flash ROM that stores FPGA configurations indefinitely
  • User-settable oscillator frequency (25, 50, and 100 MHz), plus socket for a second oscillator
  • 8 LEDs, 4-digit seven-segment display, 4 pushbuttons, 8 slide switches, PS/2 port, and a 3-bit VGA port
  • Four 6-pin headers for user I/Os, and attaching PMOD accessory circuit boards

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