WildcatFMC - High-speed Optical FMC for Harsh environments


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High-speed optical communication has emerged as a necessary requisite for high-end calculator in real-time. Their presence in harsh, demanding environments has become the new paradigm. Since 2015, TechwaY pioneered FMC cards for high-bandwidth optical communication based on cutting-edge technologies. Three years from then, our FMC range is adopted by Defense and Avionic key players in the global market. Capitalizing on this success, TechwaY goes beyond the state-of-the-art FMC technology with the new WildcatFMC series. These new communication boards are dedicated to markets where customers have strong environmental and high bandwidth data management requirements. Based on D-Lightsys® technology from Radiall, the WildcatFMC range draws on the FMC and the new FMC+ standard. It features four configurations. WildcatFMC-4_4 : 4 full duplex channels @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.1WildcatFMC-12_12 : 12 full duplex channels @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.4 WildcatFMC-24Rx_12 : 24 Received channels @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.4 WildcatFMC-24Tx_12 : 24 Transmitted channels @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.4 Thanks to the VITA FMC and FMC+ compliance, our mezzanines can easily be integrated in existing system or in brand-new architecture. WildcatFMC is compatible with both air cooled and conduction cooled environment.
WildcatFMC - High-speed Optical FMC for Harsh environments
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  • Designed for demandingenvironmental requirements
  • 4, 12 and 24 optical channels @ 12 Gbps
  • Fully FMC (VITA 57.1) & FMC+ (VITA 57.4) compliant
  • D-Lightsys® Technology from RADIALL
  • Air Cooled and Conduction Cooled
  • Programmable oscillator
  • Front I/O and optionnal Rear I/O

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