Series 70P2X5

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

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  • Flexible, low-power, asynchronous dual-ports for high-end handsets
  • Dual ports are designed to work with application processors and baseband processors that make use of an address Data mux (ADM) interface
  • The ADM interface has a lower I/O count than other approaches, such as the standard asynchronous dual-port RAMs commonly found in high-end mobile handsets
  • Dual ports use 50 percent fewer processor I/O pins, freeing those pins to support desired differentiating functionality
  • Dual ports also deploy eight dynamically programmable I/Os that the processor can use to control and/or monitor other devices, enabling the handset designer to add even more differentiating functionality
  • For those customers using additional logic or Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) to implement complex power management approaches, the IDT low-power dual-ports also help reduce design complexity by eliminating the need for these additional components.

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