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First Cortex M3-based processor with high speed (480 Mbps) USB has MPU-like architecture with multiple DMAs, multi-layer bus, and and segmented memories to sustain high data rate


  • Cortex M3 core
  • Only Cortex M3-based MCU with 480 Mbps high speed USB, supported by 5-layer bus, 3 types of DMA covering all peripherals, and segmented memories
  • Code protection from on-chip memory protection unitthat prevents execution of firmware running in privileged mode from external memory
  • A hardware security bit can disconnect the debug and test ports access
  • A unique 128-bit serial number supports challenge/response authentication of externally stored programs
  • Only M3-based MCU with 12-bit, 1 Msps analog-to-digital converter
  • Supports for both single ended and differential inputs
  • High capacity SD/MMC Card interface allows up to 32Gbytes of storage in a removable NAND Flash card
  • External bus interface connects directly to raw SLC NAND flash via an on-chip controller with 4kByte SRAM page buffer and single-bit error code correction.
  • Code portability
  • Has identical peripherals and software drivers to Atmel's AT91SAM7 ARM7-based MCUs for easy code portability

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