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A busable 900 MHz radio is the newest addition to Phoenix Contact's Trusted Wireless Ethernet (TWE) portfolio of industrial wireless products


  • The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BUS allows direct connection of I/O modules to the radio
  • The radio allows the user to collect I/O without a remotely located PLC or I/O data concentrator
  • The bused I/O is made accessible to the network using the readily available MODBUS protocol
  • Can easily be integrated into new or existing PLC, SCADA, or DCS systems
  • Phoenix Contact has also added a multiple master function to the 900 MHz TWE radio family
  • This function can create redundancy and wireless failover connections if a master or host radio is not accessible
  • The new multiple master function and busable radio make the 900 MHz TWE radios ideal for a variety of industrial applications such as tank level, pressure, and temperature monitoring, pump status and control, and SCADA system expansion

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