Synapse's SNAP

Synapse Wireless Inc.

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Synapse's SNAP® technology is an award-winning IEEE 802.15.4, auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network stack combined with an embedded Python interpreter for running application code
Synapse\'s SNAP


  • Self-healing mesh network
  • Instant-ON: communicate within milliseconds of power-up
  • All devices are peers - every node can bridge, route, and sleep
  • Simple, powerful scripting language (Python based)
  • Customize applications and then interactively upload scripts over-the-air
  • Supports full mesh with sleeping (low power) modes
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)support, peer-to-peer among all nodes
  • Supports bridging to other networks (TCP/IP, ZigBee?) with transparent RPC calls
  • Scripts have full pin-level access to hardware
  • Flexible ?Switchboard? for routing data between logical ports: UARTs? Transparent Wireless Data? STDIO? Packet-mode Async Serial
  • Virtually unlimited network size (millions of devices).

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