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  • FPGA and PowerPC VXS multiprocessor
  • Designed to meet the signal processing needs of modern signal intelligence, software defined radio, and radar applications
  • The VXS-620 is the latest product to be introduced to the highly successful Nallatech REVX Series of rugged embedded processing solutions
  • The VXS-620 features an onboard Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA for the implementation of high performance DSP applications
  • The FPGA processing is supplemented by a PowerPC for standalone operation, communications management and user applications. Notably, the VXS-620 maximizes sensor I/O density with two PMC/XMC sites
  • These sites can support additional FPGAs, multiple channels of analog or digital I/O and additional network interfaces
  • The VXS-620 is also supported by comprehensive Development Kits available for both Linux and Wind River VxWorks
  • These include a Software Development Kit (SDK) with all necessary software drivers and libraries required to run the operating systems on the PowerPC
  • They also include an FPGA Development Kit (FDK), with FPGA cores supplied to interface to FPGA peripherals including memories, data interfaces and I/O ports

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