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New PROSYS range of rack mounted industrial PCs offer flexible specifications and long-term supply reassurance


  • The Wordsworth Division of Steatite, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has introduced a new range of pre-configured 19-inch rack mount PCs that provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for computing applications in both industrial and military applications
  • The PROSYS family is available in a choice of industry standard size systems ranging from 1U to 6U
  • PROSYS rack mount systems utilize road-mapped processors and revision controlled product to give the assurance of guaranteed long-term supply
  • This approach also helps customers avoid costly and disruptive mid-life redesigns of OEM equipment
  • The use of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) modules and components helps keep costs to a minimum and further supports continuity of supply
  • Wordsworth holds extensive component stocks to enable the fastest possible build and delivery against short lead-time customer requirements
  • PROSYS systems incorporate high levels of functionality and features, these can include: uninterruptible power supplies, fixed and removable hard drives, graphics cards, integrated cooling fans, and a generous number of slots for expansion cards
  • Wordsworth is able to deliver PROSYS products with either XP Pro or XP Embedded operating systems installed
  • In order to provide its customers with the most reliable products that are ready to use, Wordsworth also carries out a 24 hour burn-in on all systems prior to shipping
  • A one year warranty is offered as standard

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