3U OpenVPX FCN3110

Mercury Systems

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The FCN3110 FPGA Compute Node Module is a critical component within Mercury's powerful Ensemble 3000 Series 3U VPX systems, functioning as both a high-performance FPGA processing and an I/O carrier
3U OpenVPX FCN3110


  • Compatible with OpenVPX system architecture design principles
  • LX330T, LX220T, or LX110T Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA
  • Variety of I/O choices, including 24-port PCIe switch with x8 2.5 Gbps links, x4 3.125 Gbps XAUI links to backplane, and XMC site
  • Renesas micro-controller for system management
  • 512 Mb of NOR flash memory with 16-bit wide data bus over a BPI interface

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