Impulse Accelerated Technologies

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Feed Handling system which builds on COTS FPGA based hardware to accelerate processing speed while protecting your company's intellectual property


  • Acceleration ? FPGA based hardware/software systems can accelerate some feed handling systems by 100x over pure microprocessor solutions
  • Protection of Intellectual Property ? this methodology enables solution providers to offer the ability for end-users to insert custom functions, and to do so without accessing the IP provided by the solutions provider
  • Reusable, Retargetable and Portable ? because the code remains in C and synthesizable VHDL it can be easily moved to improved hardware as newer platforms emerge
  • FPGA based ? the system leverages one or more FPGAs and can compile to both FPGA hardware and to embedded code running on the soft- and hard-core processors offered by Altera and Xilinx
  • Standard ANSI C - Impulse C refactors ANSI C without corruption
  • The code remains compilable by Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.
  • Economic ? this system uses the best available COTS hardware

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