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The NFP32xx is the industry's first processor designed for unified computing architectures,combining high performance network,content and security processing with I/O virtualization


  • High-Performance: Powered by 40 multi-threaded programmable networking cores running at 1.4 GHz, the NFP delivers over 56 billion instructions per second with 320 hardware threads that optimize memory utilization ? allowing for 1800 instructions per packet at 30 million packets per second
  • This enables 40 Gbps of L2-L7 deep packet processing with line-rate security and I/O virtualization for millions of simultaneous flows
  • Power efficiency: Operating at only 15 to 35 watts, the NFP-32xx revolutionizes green computing by delivering more than four times the power efficiency of its closest competitor
  • Software-Defined I/O with programmable processing: Unlike fixed-function ASICs and configurable NPUs, the NFPs are the first fully programmable processors capable of addressing the increasingly complex requirements of unified computing architectures. Software-defined I/O supports both L2-L3 packet processing and L4-L7 application- and content-aware deep packet inspection
  • This provides the highest level of inspection and throughput available in the industry for traditional NPU applications such as high-performance line cards
  • Network Virtualization in Silicon: To scale network performance to 10 Gbps and beyond the NFP-32xx offers a PCIe v2.0 implementation including extended SR-IOV with 256 queues to provide guaranteed bandwidth and low latency access to shared I/O devices
  • Source-code compatibility (including backwards-compatibility) with Intel IXP28XX microengines for customer application migration

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