Mercury Systems

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A 3U VPX Processing Module Designed and architected for OpenVPX interoperability


  • Part of the Ensemble 3000 Series 3U VPX systems
  • Delivers significant real-time processing power from a Freescale MPC8640D dual-core processor and a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA
  • A 24-port PCIe switch connects the Virtex-5 FPGA, the MPC8640D, and the module's backplane connector, all with x8 2.5 Gbps links
  • Backplane PCIe connection forms a direct link to an adjacent payload slot in a 3U VPX chassis
  • The Virtex-5 FPGA has three sets of x4 3.125 Gbps XAUI links to the backplane (only one set with the LX100T); these links are used to organize two four-slot groups with direct connections in a 3U VPX chassis
  • The FPGA also supports a fourth set of x4 3.125 Gbps links to the backplane, which can be used for either RapidIO or 10 GbE

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