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  • Vehicle Expansion Unit (VEU) embedded computer system
  • Rugged multifunction platform for deploying and consolidating applications within military vehicles used in harsh battlefield environments
  • Supports efficient integration of multiple applications in a single rugged chassis, with scalability for up to three independent processors plus video encoding of up to four MPEG channels
  • Combining independent subsystems within a single thermally efficient fanless chassis provides a compact footprint for optimal Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and improved maintainability
  • By offering a high degree of flexibility in processing power, data throughput, removable solid state storage and standards based interface options, the VEU supports a full range of vehicle-based applications, such as C4I, mission planning, data recording, vehicle maintenance and monitoring, and real-time tactical display video streaming
  • Used in a battlefield vehicle application that processes multiple video streams from externally mounted camera systems, thereby providing 360 degree observation in real time, even while traveling over rough terrain

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