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  • Extremely rugged, fanless embedded system
  • Designed for use in vehicle-based computing applications, including CCTV, ANPR, navigation and communications
  • Features include GPS, 3.5G mobile wireless, 4x serial ports, isolated digital I/O and PCI expansion
  • Its cable-free design results in an embedded system that is highly tolerant to external shock/vibration and is certified to MIL-STD-810F, making it ideal for use in commercial applications such as in waste trucks or emergency vehicles
  • When integrated with the ignition system of the vehicle, the PC can be set to operate only when required, thus preventing discharge of the vehicle battery when the engine is not running
  • Also features integrated connectivity, such as isolated digital I/O, RS232/485, optional Wi-Fi, USB, Gigabit LAN and optional CANbus
  • Includes all of the I/O that would be required in an in-vehicle computer system, making for a neat, compact and robust installation
  • Combined with a customized Windows Embedded Standard 2009/7 O/S installation, the ICP-PES2041M can be configured to perform only the functions that are pre-approved by the system designer and prevent unauthorized software from being run on the device

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