SPW Hardware Design System (HDS)

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Fastest path from innovation into implementation for digital signal processing systems, applying a model-based design approach
SPW Hardware Design System (HDS)


  • At its core is the C Data Flow (CDF) modeling paradigm, which enables the most efficient description of digital signal processing systems which may be implemented in dedicated digital hardware or embedded software
  • SPW Hardware Design System (HDS) is a key component in the SPW product family
  • It accelerates the hardware design, verification, and analysis of complex, algorithm intensive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems
  • SPW HDS flow provides graphical RTL design capabilities with parameterized design capture using the SPWC Data Flow (CDF) modeling that enable reuse
  • It also includes a large library of complex system building blocks that contributes to substantial reductions in product development time
  • HDL simulators are integrated through direct co-execution where the CDF simulation is a part of the HDL design, hence making communication overhead go away
  • This is critical as testbenches developed with SPW have very high value if they can be effectively used to verify generated RTL that may contain handwritten RTL as well
  • SPW Hardware Design System (HDS) Proven solution with high quality of results
  • Correct by construction RTL design
  • Rapid, divide and conquer RTL verification
  • Rapid system performance optimization of detailed hardware design

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