Wind River Systems, Inc.

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Focuses on core real-time and embedded values such as high performance, small footprint, determinism, low latency and high reliability


  • Processors: Supports single and multicore processors based on Intel and PowerPC architectures (other processors also available)
  • Operating systems: Integrates with VxWorks and Wind River Linux; supports other operating systems and executives
  • Virtual board interface: Provides an interface to port onto the Hypervisor operating systems or applications that do not require an operating system
  • Protection: Enables devices to be assigned to virtual boards; provides device and memory protection between virtual boards
  • Configuration: Uses convenient XML-based system configuration; configuration changes do not require rebuilding guest operating systems or applications
  • Build: Provides system projects for building entire multi-OS systems from Wind River Workbench
  • Debugging: Debugs multiple virtual boards via one physical Ethernet connection; agent-based debugging of VxWorks and Wind River Linux applications
  • Core scheduling: Provides a priority-based scheduler; partitioned and custom schedulers can be supported
  • Communication: Provides MIPC (multicore/multi-OS interprocess communication), a message-passing protocol designed for communication between cores and/or virtual boards; uses a socketlike API and shared memory as a fast, efficient ("zero-copy") communications medium between operating systems
  • Virtual devices: Provides virtualized access to devices such as serial ports and network cards
  • Virtual board management: Enables start, stop, and reload/restart of guest operating systems
  • On-chip debugging: Debugs either a single guest or an entire system using Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging

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