Joint initiative for Secure COTS Mobile Platform

Open Kernel Labs

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OK Labs and Fixmo Inc.'s new “joint initiative to create and commercialize a highly secure COTS mobile platform”
Joint initiative for Secure COTS Mobile Platform


  • Targets civilian, federal government, and military needs, and will culminate in a ?reference solution? ? for tablet and smartphone OEMS ? that melds system software, firmware, and for information assurance
  • The primary goal is to isolate the organization's apps and data from the operator's personal user stuff
  • The new initiative's progeny platform will include Fixmo's Sentinel security monitoring software running on an OKL4 Microvisor-based independent virtual machine to, once again, keep secure things separate on a single mobile device
  • The joint platform solution offers image profiling and tracking by checksums and size, in addition to handy-dandy activity auditing

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