SCL Elements

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  • Second generation CAN2GO Universal and VAV controllers
  • GW2 gateway
  • 400 MHz processors
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 2GB of flash storage
  • They can provide simultaneous control and BACnet IP integration of digital and analog I/O, Modbus peripherals and EnOcean and ZigBee wireless devices
  • The added power allows each locally programmable unit to handle more wired and wireless control points at no extra cost
  • Can manage HVAC, lighting, metering and other building automation applications simultaneously
  • High powered antenna options for EnOcean and ZigBee wireless communication
  • The extended wireless range enables one CAN2GO unit to manage multiple rooms and building areas, decreasing building automation installation time and hardware costs
  • The UN2, VA2 and GW2 each have embedded BACnet IP gateways for integration with third party BACnet systems
  • They also have embedded web servers hosting the CAN2GO web BMS; a fully programmable building management system for single and multi-site small and medium buildings of less than 100,000 square feet
  • Combine the traditional functionalities of controller devices, gateway devices and building management software
  • ETL listed, as well as FCC and CE compliant

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