EMAC, Inc.

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  • A PC/104-based 48-channel digital I/O module
  • Channels simulate 8255 PPI mode 0
  • Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than the 8255
  • Bit 0 of port C can generate an interrupt to IRQ 2 to 7
  • Interrupt triggering rising/falling edge
  • Output status read-back
  • Pin-compatible with Opto-22 I/O module racks
  • 300-Kbits/sec typical or 400-Kbits/sec maximum transfer rates
  • Logic level 0: 0.5V max. at 24mA sink digital output
  • Logic level 0: 0.8V max. or Logic level 1: 2.0V min. digital inputs
  • +5V at 500mA (typical) or +5V at 800mA max. power requirements

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