GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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  • A 6U VMEbus-based 128-bit high voltage digital input board with built-in test
  • Each group of eight inputs are jumper-selectable to monitor voltage source or current sinking signals
  • Open circuit provides logic "zero" or (jumper-selectable) logic "one"
  • Onboard built-in test logic for fault detection and isolation
  • Front panel with fail LED
  • User-selectable input voltage thresholds (0.61V to 34V)
  • Complies with the VMEbus Specification Rev. C.1
  • A24:A16: D23/D16/D08 (EO): Slave: 39/3D:29/2D
  • DIN-type I/O connectors
  • Operating system support includes Windows NT, Linux, VxWorks, and QNX

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