Chameleon VMEbus

DRS Technologies

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  • A family of reconfigurable VMEbus I/O boards
  • 6U VME64Xwith up to 133 MHz bus rate and up to 266 MHz FPGA rate
  • Xilinx Virtex processors (XCV1000E to XCV2000E, up to four FPGAs per board)
  • Supports up to three PMC (64 bit / 66 MHz) mezzanine sites
  • Custom daughter card capable
  • Shared and local ZBT SRAM (Up to 56 Mbytes)
  • PMC mezzanine capability provides access to 3rd party I/O, A/D, memory, and/or DSP daughter cards for increased system configuration flexibility
  • Up to 64 MBits of configuration memory available, providing enough storage for 11 unique FPGA configurations (upgradeable to 128 Mbits)
  • Direct host configurable
  • Four clocks per FPGA, two user programmable up to 266 MHz; fixed clocks consist of one PCI 66/33 MHz and one local bus 66 MHz
  • Supports a probe connector for an Agilent PC logic analyzer to assist with FPGA debug
  • Provides Xilinx MultiLINX connectors to enable selectMAP configuration and ChipScope capabilities
  • Xilinx Foundation ISE Development Software available directly from CRI
  • Model Technology ModelSim-PE required, ModelSIM-SE recommended
  • PI, Test, and Host "C" source code included
  • Driver support for VxWorks, Solaris, and WindowsNT included
  • Interactive board schematics in pdf format included

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