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  • A CompactPCI-based system monitor board
  • 6U hot-swap board and transition module
  • SysMonWare is a human graphical interface that is Internet-based and provides remote system monitoring
  • Monitors all vital system parameters including enclosure temperature, fan rotation, DC voltage levels, CPU activity, blower speed, and the number of functioning boards in the system
  • Transition module provides the interface to all the I/O including fans, blowers, temperature sensors, switches, relay, and RJ-45
  • Up to six temperature sensors can be monitored
  • 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and ?12V voltage levels are monitored
  • Blower operation of up to three blowers is determined by temperature differential
  • Blower speed is also controlled with the system monitor
  • Tachometer monitoring checks RPMs of up to eight fans or blowers
  • CPU heartbeat is monitored by software watchdog
  • Uses Java-based application to monitor system functions through a graphical user interface and monitors up to 120 systems through a single IP address
  • Individual gauges can be disabled/enabled, configured to trip an alarm, and selected to send an e-mail alert
  • A single global alarm indicates whether an alarm is in progress on any of the connected systems
  • Global alarm can also be selected to cover the entire application area making it possible to monitor an even greater number of systems from a single console
  • Front panel LEDs for alarms and audio alarm with cut-off switch

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