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UPS25from RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.
A family of PC/104-based NiMH/NiCD UPS modules ...
  • Software controlled charging and system shutdown
  • System backup with eight cells is Five to 30 Minutes depending on load and battery temperature

Rapide++from Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH
Rapide is Applied Informatics' integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded Linux application developme...
  • Remote debugging
  • Less than five minutes from connecting the development board to the first running application with built-in web server

D6000 Familyfrom DSP Group, Inc.
A family of digital speech/signal processing ICs for all digital Telephone Answering Devices (TAD) that implemen...
  • Variable low rate TRUESPEECH digital speech compression allowing 15-17 Minutes of recording time per each 4 Mbit memory, or 25-27 Minutes of recording using the fourth generation super low rate TRUESPEECH
  • Support for a variety of 4 Mb or 16 Mb Memory Devices (ARAM and low cost Flash)

M19from MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
A radio-controlled clock M-Module ...
  • Will operate within 1500 Km from Frankfort
  • Provides time in Minutes and seconds with interrupt

eVM for Windows from TenAsys Corporation
Embedded Virtualization Manager ...
  • Installs easily – systems can be integrated and running in a matter of Minutes

M332/333 Binary Output Controller M-modulefrom AcQ InduCom
The M332 and M333 drive typical 24V industrial signals. Each module has 16 binary outputs capable of driving up ...
  • MultiFuse™ technology provides optional protection of the output drivers. If over-current is detected, the outputs are switched of and after a few Minutes are enabled again. All outputs are optically isolated from the system

Polyvent/M12from W. L. Gore and Associates
Protective vent ...
  • Plastic or metal versions providing water protection to meet IP66 for water jets, IP67 for 30 Minutes of water submersion, and IP69K for high-pressure spray

360 MV Inspectfrom OneSpin Solutions
Formal verification tool for autochecks that lets designers detect RTL errors as soon as first code is available...
  • Exhaustively verifies thousands of checks in Minutes that are automatically extracted from the RTL code

Watchdog Timersfrom CyberResearch, Inc.
Watchdog timer baords that bring PCs back online automatically after crashes caused by bugs or system errors ...
  • ISA version offers timeouts from 10 ms to 10 Minutes, in 10 ms increments

Self Reliant 7500from GoAhead Software
Basic Availability Management (SR-BAM) ...
  • HA software that makes applications highly available in less than 30 Minutes without programming

Display Computerfrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
Rugged Display Computer Features Capacitive Touch for Easier HMI ...
  • Operates from -40°C to +70°C as well as at +85°C for up to 10 minutes according to temperature class Tx

TransAS 3from Elsys Instruments
The new TransAS 3 software remotely controls the data acquisition equipment over 1 Gbit Local Area Networks (LAN...
  • Installed in seconds and effective within Minutes without programming

ConnexLinkfrom AeroComm Inc.
A Plug-and-Play device that interconnects serial devices wirelessly ...
  • Can be set up in minutes
  • Set up any number of remote ConnexLinks in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations and unique networks can be collocated onsite

FPGA Power Designerfrom National Semiconductor
Helps designers create complete FPGA power supply designs in minutes ...

SB-36410IXfrom Data Device Corporation
A synchro/resolver-to-digital COTS PMC motion feedback card ...
  • Each channel is accurate up to 1.3 arc minutes with resolutions of 10 to 16 bits

DSPnano R8 M16C OSfrom RoweBots
DSPnano offers an Ultra Tiny Embedded Linux and POSIX compatible RTOS for tiny 8/16 bit Renesas Microcontrollers...
  • Modular and flexible architeture
  • Cmplete I/O including TCP, Fsys, Serial, FatFS, DHCP and much more
  • Out of the box and running in 10 Minutes with multiple demos

AutoPilot FPGA: No-compromise High-level Synthesisfrom AutoESL Design Technologies, Inc.
Support for fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic in C, C++ and SystemC ...
  • Fastest runtimes and highest capacity: 2M gate design in 20 minutes

Front Runner Seriesfrom Positronic Industries
Lightweight, non-corrodible, composite material ...
  • Hot plug capability
  • Crimp removable contacts, straight and right angle printed board terminations
  • Environmental version provides dust and water ingress protection to I.E.C. IP67 (1 meter immersion for 30 Minutes)

IntraVUE Litefrom Ethernet Direct Corporation
Network management software ...
  • Designed for local control and I/O networks
  • IntraVUE within Minutes of being connected to the network will automatically identify and map all devices, as well as provide details on connection health, traffic, and misbehaving devices

Digital Multiphase Familyfrom Intersil Corporation
Intersil’s digital multiphase family features 12 controllers and a companion power stage to p...

MPX500/501from Schroff Pentair
Synchro/resolver VMEbus input boards ...
  • Anti-vibration center stiffening bar
  • User-selectable input on a channel-by-channel basis using either the P2 connector or the front panel
  • Accuracy ±2 to 11 arc minutes

LDS504from Computer Conversions Corporation
A drift-free DC angle-to-synchro resolver converter ...
  • Accuracy of up to ±6 Minutes of arc
  • Available outputs: 11.8 or 90V 400 Hz or 90V 60Hz
  • Operating temperature ranges available: 0° C to 70° C, –55° C to +85° C

Sockets v.2.0from Datalight
A suite of tools designed to advance the embedded device market for stand-alone to Internet enabled ...
  • Allows any DOS or Windows environment with a modem or network interface card to be connected to the Internet in a matter of Minutes rather than the days or weeks required by compile-in networking libraries

Easy Guardianfrom KDEV
Small low-cost Linux appliance with a fully Web-based system ...
  • Displays system and network status on a color-coded Web page that proactively gives notification of problems immediately via SMS
  • Monitor any server, any device, on any network within Minutes

FaultFinder PCIfrom DiagnoSYS Limited
FaultFinder PCI turns your PC into an effective PCB fault finding system ...
  • A comprehensive AutoLearn process helps generate test programs in Minutes
  • Built-in component libraries include most common commercial and military components reducing programing time

Auto-TIMS IIIfrom Consultronics
An automatic data line analyzer that can test the quality of a 2- or 4-wire voice circuit, data circuits, or xDS...
  • Dual standard ITU-T/North American version available
  • Internal rechargable battery

MPX511 from Pentland Systems
2 or 4 Channels of synchro output ...
  • 16 Bit resolution
  • Channel linking to provide “coarse fine pairs”
  • Synchro to digital converter accuracy is ±4 arc Minutes with an output of 11.8V

19240 Seriesfrom Data Device Corporation
A rotational sensor convertor ...
  • Programmable versions offer 10-, 12-, and 14-bit resolution, and resolution is highly repeatable to 1 LSB in 14-bit mode
  • Nominal supply voltage is + 5 VDC with an accuracy up to 8 arc-Minutes, and an internal synthesized reference can provide up to a very wide 45-degree phase shift correction

Extended Firmwarefrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
The new firmware fulfills all requirements of highly demanding applications ...
  • To ensure safe operation, the firmware monitors all hardware appliances, such as temperature, voltages or load on the PoE-enabled network ports
  • The Ethernet switches are fully compliant with the EN 50155 railway standard and designed for operating temperatures from -40 to +70°C (up to +85°C for 10 Minutes) without the need for cooling (fanless operation)

DNx-AI-255from United Electronic Industries
Two-channel format ...
  • Accuracy of ±2.6 arc Minutes
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Software support provided for VxWorks, Linux, and Windows, LabVIEW, DasyLAB, and MATLAB, C and C#

VXI Chassisfrom Electronic Solutions
A VXI chassis ...
  • Modular cooling system removes up to 1200 watts of heat, and maintains a 20°C temperature rise
  • Extremely low MTTR (Mean Time to Repair); >2 Minutes for PSU and cooling elements

S2K Seriesfrom Sola/Hevi-Duty
A line of ultra-compact, line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with Automatic Voltage Regulation...
  • Battery (internal) backup time up to eight Minutes at full load
  • DB-9 communications port

Motor Control IPfrom Alizem Inc.
COTS Motor control component for FPGA-based variable-speed motor systems optimized for Pump and Fan applications...
  • Smaller footprint
  • No lead time
  • Teams with little to no experience in FPGA designs or motor controls can be up and running in less than 30 Minutes
  • Replaces conventionnal Motor Control IC

LinuxScope-JTD from Ultimate Solutions, Inc.
A debugger for the Eclipse IDE that has been optimized for use with Abatron's BDI2000 BDM/JTAG probe ...
  • Enhanced MI interface adds hardware breakpoint awareness into Eclipse and tracking of modules
  • Quick setup allows you to be up and debugging your target in Minutes

Taurus from Celestix Networks, Inc.
A server appliance for small to midsize businesses ...
  • Can be installed and deployed in about 15 Minutes

BU-67114Hxfrom Data Device Corporation
BU-67114Hx MIL-STD-1553 Mini-PCIe® card ...
  • On-Board DMA Engine for Low CPU Utilization

Incisive Debug Analyzer (IDA)from Cadence Design Systems
Companies today spend more than 50 percent of verification efforts in debug because bugs are hard to find at the...

usb2Demon for Linuxfrom Macraigor Systems, LLC
Provides On-Chip Debug Solutions Using USB 2.0 From Linux Workstations to a Multitude of Targets ...
  • These quick-start programs allow end users to be up and running within Minutes of the installation

Impulse C-to-FPGA Toolsfrom Impulse Accelerated Technologies
Software-to-FPGA tools ...
  • Enable software developers to write C algorithms and refactor them for parallel processing on an FPGA
  • Developers can rapidly prototype mixed software/hardware systems and perform design iterations in just minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks

Monnit Minefrom Monnit Corporation
Monnit Mineâ„¢ is an open software platform that provides the ability to integrate Monnit wirele...
  • Can be setup and receiving data in just a few Minutes

CPU-1433 AMD Geodefrom EUROTECH
A PC/104-Plus compliant module built around the AMD Geode GX466 processor running at 333 MHz equipped with 128 M...
  • Watchdog: 2 to 255 seconds/Minutes

FanfareSVTfrom The Fanfare Group, Inc.
With rising product complexity and global competitive pressure to shorten product release cycles, QA organizatio...
  • Tools are needed to break the QA backlog by radically simplifying and accelerating test automation. With FanfareSVT, testing activities that used to take weeks or months can now be performed in hours or minutes at the push of a button

IL Feature Explorerfrom 7Layers
The InterLab Feature Explorer from 7Layers derives and identifies all relevant features implemented in a wireles...
  • Fields of application:
  • Creation of product description within Minutes
  • Verification of your software revision configuration tools

VRDV-4000 Video Recorderfrom Curtiss-Wright
The VRDV-4000 is a lightweight, DZUS mounted video recorder utilizing the latest Flash disk recording technology...
  • 24 Minutes recording per GByte of memory
  • Easy archive to tape or hard disk (via PC)

40-530 Seriesfrom Pickering Interfaces Ltd.
A series of ultra-high-density matrix PXI-based modules featuring a range of switching configurations ...
  • In the event of a relay fail, spare relays are built onto the PCB, typical time to repair is 5 Minutes
  • Switch up to 100V, 1A with 20 watt maximum power

VPX SerDes Test Modulesfrom ELMA Electronic
The SerDes modules are designed to plug into VPX backplanes and directly test the channel compliance ...
  • The module kit includes software With a simple GUI interface. Within minutes, the user can plug the cards into the test chassis, connect the USB cable to a laptop, download the GUI software and begin measurements
  • The SerDes test technology that is deployed in the VPX Test Modules is modular and can be affixed to various form factor carrier boards

Qseven IoT Gateway Development Kitfrom congatec inc
Qseven IoT Gateway Development Kit provides a complete starter set for the rapid prototyping of embedded IoT app...
  • Full featured Qseven IoT Mini Carrier Board
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Solution OS (Wind River IDP trial)

Matrix Orbital PK202-24-USBfrom Matrix Orbital
20 column by two-line text display with built-in font and provision for up t ...
  • 116.00w x 37.00h x 27.50d unit comes with 3.20 x 5.55mm yellow/green characters on a black background with a viewing angle of 160°
  • Up t
  • Splash or start-up screens are customizable and luminance is configurable with a time out setting of up t
  • 90 Minutes

PowerPC 440EP Evaluation Kitfrom AppliedMicro
Comprehensive, easy-to-use evaluation kit designed for customer setup in 15 minutes or less ...
  • Resource CD with system-level benchmarks and sample applications
  • Industry-standard U-Boot firmware, Linux operating system and Linux software development tools
  • Evaluation copies of software development tools and embedded operating systems from multiple industry-leading suppliers
  • Serial cable provides direct connection to the host system for initial configuration

QF1D512from Quickfilter Technologies
Programmable digital filter designed for insertion in the serial data path of a digital signal or used as an FIR...
  • Can be configured within Minutes to support a virtually infinite range of filtering possibilities

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