5 MicroMax Computer Intelligence products found
2018 / April
2017 / March
M-Max 871 EP4/MMSfrom MicroMax Computer Intelligence
Rugged high performance computer for tough environments. The M-Max 871 EP4/MMS enclosure is designed according t...

    2016 / June
    M-Max V75 Chassisfrom MicroMax Computer Intelligence
    These Standalone chassis are designed to support embedded solutions used in critical applications in harsh envir...

      2016 / January
      M-Max ATR-chassisfrom MicroMax Computer Intelligence
      Rugged ATR conduction-cooled enclosure for housing conduction-cooled PC/104 modules. The M-Max ATR-compliant cha...

        2013 / April
        Rugged M-Max 810 - 1/2 ATR PC/104 system enclosurefrom MicroMax Computer Intelligence
        The M-Max 810 high-performance rugged industrial computer provides reliable operation in tough environments. The...
        • Dissipates up to 60W

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