6 Z Microsystems, Inc. products found
2016 / August
2015 / March
ZX3 Rugged Serverfrom Z Microsystems, Inc.
The ZX3 Station is a high performance, rack mountable, computing and graphics processing powerhouse. At only 5.2...

    2013 / October
    Hydra-21from Z Microsystems, Inc.
    Z Microsystems’s Hydra-21 is a 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) rugged LED display panel designed for durab...

      2009 / November
      ZX 1-2-3 Series Serversfrom Z Microsystems, Inc.
      Rugged computer servers for military applications ...

        2009 / July
        Ground Control Station (GCS) display panel from Z Microsystems, Inc.
        Ground Control Station (GCS) display panel with Real-Time Enhanced Video (RTEV) ...

          2007 / November
          COMxfrom Z Microsystems, Inc.
          A field-deployable Multi Processor Unit (MPU) ...

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