M2M Embedded Software & Tools

systems have infiltrated nearly every facet of our lives. Expectations for omnipresent connectivity and real-time contextual computation are changing the face of embedded devices and the technologies that engineering organizations use to bring those products to market. These increasingly intelligent and connected devices are now forming the foundation of the (). The conveniences and use cases borne from this IoT span a wide range of device and application classes, from the connected car and mobile point-of-sale devices to smart meters and wireless patient monitoring systems.

The significant shift in the embedded landscape epitomizes a trend with only 15% of engineers reporting designs without a formal operating system and almost 70% citing the use of a third-party solution (commercial or open source).

This fundamental medium of differentiation demonstrated a rapid shift over just the past five years as more engineers move away from embedded industry stalwarts C and Assembly in favor of object-oriented languages such as .

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