Unlocking engineering insight for rapid innovation

This white paper focuses on the value of unlocking engineering insight. It discusses ways for your engineering teams to work together to make the right decisions at the right times—and turn insights into business outcomes. The products in our everyday lives are more intelligent, instrumented and interconnected than ever. And the complexity associated with developing these products is also unprecedented.

Engineering teams from across diverse disciplines have been faced with new pressures to share information, collaborate on designs and accelerate time to market. One thing is clear: “Smarter” products require smarter development processes. This is even more important in today’s era of the Internet of Things, which introduces much more connectedness, and thus more complexity.

Within the Internet of Things, operational and performance data from products already in the field can be captured and used to improve existing and future products. Treating products as systems operating within even larger systems has become a design imperative—and tools and practices to help engineers address this need are becoming essential to maintaining competitiveness.