Enhancing intelligence in the 'Internet of things'

A key driver for embedded system designers is the . With billions of devices becoming connected in the "" and sharing data through the cloud, there is a key challenge in managing this complexity. The amount of data that is moved around the Internet is expected to double in just three years and there are different architectures for addressing this challenge of sharing and managing data securely and reliably in the cloud.

This is a different situation from the existing migration of apps into the IT cloud. Systems handling machine-to-machine () data have to be reliable, secure, and scalable with real-time performance measured in microseconds. All this data has to be available anytime, anywhere, and this is opening up new ways for equipment to be designed and built. This paper takes a look at the key industry trends driving consolidation of processing workloads to make all the functionality on a device secure, manageable, and scalable.

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