iTemp MLC Technology of NAND Flash Memory Products

In the coming years, tens of billions of IoT devices will be connected and generate massive data collected from sensors or devices through the (Industrial Internet of Things) applications. devices and applications will strive for more memory data storage solutions that will not only enable users to connect with but also ultimately achieve revolutionary machine-to-machine communication. IoT memory data are stored, processed and analyzed at the center of edge computing, inevitably demanding storage devices to respond quicker with high data integrity. One major challenge is that edge computing may take place in harsh environments with extreme high/low temperatures.

To overcome environmental asperity, has successfully developed an (Industrial Temperature) MLC solution, best suited for IIoT/industrial applications. The new iTemp MLC solution strikes a great balance between cost as well as placing memory reliability as its priority. By conducting strict iTemp validation testing technologies in both IC/NAND level screening processes and H/L temperature tests, MLC type NAND Flash reliability is ensured and uncompromised in extreme temperature environments, placing itself in the market segment where normally SLC type NAND competes.

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