High-Resolution Measurements with R&S Oscilloscopes

The K17 High Definition Option for and is an excellent tool that enhances the vertical resolution of the oscilloscope up to 16 bit. With this option, the user can applications like (7), amplitude modulated signals or jitter analysis. These applications require high speed, mid-resolution , like jitter analysis, as well as high resolution, medium speed oscilloscopes. All applications can be analyzed with one .

The resolution gain achieved by requires a superior front end together with an converter that has an number close to its nominal resolution, like RTO and RTE provide. This is important, because the resolution gain will add to the ENOB, not on the nominal resolution of the A/D converter.

There are more benefits from the HD-mode than just the gain in vertical resolution. With the digital trigger, the RTO and RTE are able to take advantage of the resolution gain and trigger stable on small signal details as opposed to oscilloscopes with traditional architectures. In addition, this option maintains a high sampling rate, shows no aliasing and contrary does not inhibit further decimation for an economic use of the acquisition memory and a long acquisition time.

The RTO and RTE in combination with the K17 High Definition Option can be the better choice for the user than conventional high resolution oscilloscopes, as it is a versatile instrument for a wide range of applications.