Managing Windows 10 IoT Devices

Windows 10 IoT is the family name for the Windows 10 operating systems that run on a wide range of devices — from small intelligent devices to industry machinery.

-WINDOWS 10 IoT ENTERPRISE is a full version of Windows 10 with advanced lockdown capabilities to enable industry specific device scenarios. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise devices run powerful line-of-business applications and perform specialized functions in a secure, reliable, and streamlined way.
-WINDOWS 10 IoT MOBILE ENTERPRISE provides a secure device experience, instantaneous application access, and excellent battery life to enable a variety of mobile scenarios. All Windows 10 apps are compatible with Windows 10 IoT Mobile and offer advanced lockdown features and multi-user support.
-WINDOWS 10 IoT CORE is optimized for smaller and lower cost industry devices. It is designed to power devices like IoT gateways or sensors and that are designed to run a single application enabling specific industry scenarios and extending the flexibility of Windows 10 offerings to a yet wider range of specialized devices.