Mainstreaming the Internet of Things

Embedded platforms are in transformation, evolving from standalone compute systems to becoming part of the Internet of Things (IoT). More than just Internet-enabled, these intelligent systems are networked and communicating, gathering and sharing information that enables insight and solves problems. Improving healthcare, enabling intelligent transportation systems, and modernizing manufacturing, intelligent IoT devices are delivering benefits to a wide range of industries, empowering business transformation all over the world.

While the concept of sharing and analyzing business information is not new, the IoT leapfrogs piecemeal, proprietary data applications by enabling time-sensitive data capture, access, analytics and action with standards-based third-party vendor solutions. Software, hardware and end-user applications work together in real-time to expand network access, functionality and intelligent performance to unlock data that was previously hidden.

Now capitalizing on the business value of real-time data analytics is no longer limited to enterprises with the resources to develop their own proprietary systems. Through proven, standardized system components, today’s IoT is flexible, widely deployable, and already enabling intelligent data applications in the mainstream business world.

This white paper offers a closer look at the IoT concept and its shift to broad deployability, illustrated by ’s hardware, software and systems that encompass each aspect of IoT performance and connectivity. ADLINK’s standards-based building blocks enable compact, rugged devices for non-stop data gathering; high performance gateways for securely connecting devices and systems for effective real-time communication of data; and secure cloud services for ensuring system health and performance.