The Value of Bringing Analytics to the Edge

The need for more analytics, control and greater insight on IoT systems cannot be met by just connecting more sensors, endpoints and other devices to the Internet. It is imperative to take a holistic approach to creating an environment that provides a scalable, predictable, secure, and manageable solution. This engineered approach to IoT allows customers to be able to control costs by leveraging the most effective way to manage data movement, compute and storage. By creating a platform that supports change and growth, IoT environments can become a way to protect company assets and enable new business opportunities.

As enterprises increase their investments in the Internet of Things, intelligent gateways can play a significant role in keeping the balance between expansion and security. Intelligent gateways enable organizations to securely connect and process data at the place where it makes the most sense. Many of these IoT gateways must operate in harsh conditions where traditional devices such as PCs, routers and servers would be ineffective. Pushing analytics to the edge of the network with intelligent gateways for IoT data is also helping organizations make real-time decisions close to the data and reduce data storage and transfer challenges by focusing on the most meaningful data.

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