Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a Processor for Multimedia Display and IoT Applications

When choosing a processing for multimedia, display and IoT applications, the three primary considerations are: processing power, multimedia requirements and interfaces with other systems. Designers must choose processors carefully, considering how their systems interface with human beings comfortable with a data-rich, multimedia world, especially as rising end-user expectations now directly influence embedded designs. This white paper will detail those considerations, looking at the trade-offs involved, so designers can make the most informed decisions.

Consumers and workers are so comfortable with technology in their lives, they bring new expectations to every device, every system or machine they use. Even traditional embedded designs are undergoing transformation with new connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. It is an exciting new era of interactivity and connected devices of all kinds, from wearables to digital signage and smart infrastructure that constantly monitor and produce data for analysis, control and automation.