Intelligent Gateways and Cloud Based Services: Shaping the Next Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 represents the next industrial revolution, preceded by three disruptive leaps in industrial processing; first came steam power and mechanization through machine tools, next electricity fueled new techniques in mass production, and most recently advances in electronics and information technology (IT) have accelerated the industry by enabling automation. Efficiency and productivity are essential to this shift, driving advancements in the interfaces used to communicate and interact with smart industrial systems.

The automated processes that are powering Industry 4.0 require effective communication between distributed intelligent devices and the network or cloud infrastructure. Instead of reinventing foundational building blocks, new gateway platforms enable businesses to reduce costs and offer new services by unlocking valuable data from legacy systems that were not formerly connected to each other or the cloud.

Instead of architecting a solution from the ground up, developers can focus on creating new, value-added services for the platform. This white paper includes a case study: automated parking systems.