Reduce Cost and Cut Power with Efficient Switching-Mode Power Supply

In an era where everything is becoming smaller and smaller, the need to compress everything comes at a cost. We are also moving into a societal culture where manufacturers are becoming aware that the devices they build plays a vital role with the outcome of the environment. More and more challenges come along in which we try to produce products that are environmentally-friendly and pushes the boundaries of new tech. To that end we have to look deeper into how we facilitate power and make use of it.The FSP (tm) features a reliable and efficient operational current to ratio. The result is increased power density and simpler designs for PC manufacturers, helping them accelerate time to market and realize higher revenues. This white paper covers advantages, functions and technical details of the FSP MIA IC(tm). Product miniaturization puts extra pressure on designers to scale down the power system. Efficient usage demands that newer equipment accept higher-voltage inputs near the point of usage.

This is ideal for applying it in industries like the automotive and industrial sphere. It can also save power sources when developing IoT, networking, and storage devices.

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