Windows 10 IoT Core - Technical Overview

Easily create custom device experiences using the Windows 10 IoT Core, an optimized Windows 10 platform for small and low-cost IoT devices, offering a targeted boot experience with no Microsoft or Windows branding, and a Single LoB App model. This optimized platform provides silicon choices: x86 or ARM; suitable to target devices with lower system requirements, and provides opportunities for targeting new device types.The benefits of the Windows 10 IoT Core:
-Scalable platform: UWP extended to small devices, UD driver model, lower cost silicon, lower barrier to entry
-Device connectivity: Wireless connectivity (BLE, Wi-Fi, MBB), wired connectivity (Ethernet, USB), access to busses (GPIO, I2C, SPI), AllJoyn
-Security: Windows grade security for small devices, support for Trusted Platform Module
-Servicing: Bring latest technology updates to small class of devices
-Manageability: Manage IoT devices like any other Windows device
-Cloud Integration: Build in cloud connectivity, Azure IoT services

One Windows platform means converged APIs, write ONE Universal APP and target all Windows 10 editions, scale and get higher ROI selling same App to all Windows 10 editions, OEMs/ODMSs reuse existing development skills.