Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise

Ubiquitous connectivity and the rise of Cloud computing has fueled industry demand for hand-held devices and created opportunity for OEMs. To meet this demand, device manufactures face the challenge of innovating quickly, creating devices that meet customer expectations for application compatibility, security, manageability, and high availability. Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise – Microsoft's leading platform for line-of-business mobile devices – is designed to power highly secure, manageable devices in demanding Enterprise environments.

Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise differentiating features:
- Assigned access with multi-user profiles
- Bulk provisioning capabilities through NFC, CF card, or OTA

Hardware and Application Support:
- Support for Universal Windows apps; no Classic Windows applications
- Specialized retail/LOB peripheral support with the ability to talk directly to hardware through new wiring API

Targeted device use cases include:
-Store associates, Store managers, Assisted sales, Mobile POS.
-Back-of-store, loading dock, warehouse, inventory
-Delivery, fulfillment, replenishment, supply-chain, logistics, final inspection
-Field service, field sales, managers, supervisors