Sensors Expo 2015: Microchip goes configurable with analog in power/current sensing – VIDEO INTERVIEW

At one of two meetings with Microchip during Sensors Expo, John Austin of the company’s Interface and Analog Business Unit discussed some of the trends and challenges developers are facing in high-side power/current sensing. Notably, he pointed out that most designers would prefer to leverage analog over digital outputs because of performance benefits, but, to date, there haven’t been many options for applications that want to minimize data latency when extracting bus current, voltage, or calculated power.

Enter Microchip’s PAC1921, a combined digital and analog current sensor capable of presenting power, current, or voltage over a single output pin, with values available over an I2C-compatible two-wire digital bus. But don’t take my word for it. Check out this video interview with John Austin that overviews the PAC1921 and its corresponding development kit.

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